Good News: Dad Stranded With Newborn Helped By Good Samaritan!

Rubin Swift had flown to Phoenix from Ohio to pick up the brand new baby daughter he had just gained custody of. While trying to board the flight back home, he was told by the airline that he would be unable to fly with a baby under seven days old and would have to rebook his flight for three days later.  Unable to afford a hotel room or rent a car, he called the only person he knew in Phoenix: The nurse he had met at the NICU when his daughter was born.  

She came to the airport immediately and said:

"I'm going to take you home."

He thought she was going to drive them to Cleveland.  Instead, she opened her home to them during their stay in Phoenix until he was able to board a flight home.  A true Guardian Angel.  Check out the full story here.

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