Good News: SF's Treasure Island Has New Living Dorm For Teens Who Need Help

The Treasure Island charter school, Life Learning Academy, founded by the nonprofit Delancey Street Foundation, added a 6,000-square-foot dormitory for up to 20 students; food and board will be completely free of charge.  This will change these kid's life! 

Teri Delane, the school’s executive director, explained “These are the kids no one else can reach, we have been creating miracles for 20 years.” Delane also explained there has never been any act of violence in the school in those 20 years. 

This is an old video but you can just see how much this school has helped the youth... Now that there is a safe place for them to lay their head at night they will be able to focus more on their academics.  For these kids this is their last chance.  

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