Who Bit Beyoncé? Tiffany Haddish Saw The Whole Thing!

So Beyoncé apparently got bit in the face by an 'unnamed' actress after the actress was confronted by Beyoncé for touching Jay-Z's chest.  Haddish you was the root of this info, said that this unnamed actress seemed to be high on drugs and was a little too close to Bey's hubby.  Tiffany Haddish saw the entire situation go down and mentioned the story on the new show 'Uncensored' but didn't mention the biting until now.  Now everyone knows about Beyoncé getting bit in the face, we just don't know WHO did it!  The internet is going crazy!

The situation happened at Jay-Z's after party at a club.  Sources say it was an ACTRESS so people started to narrow down who the suspects could be...  Sanaa Lathan and Sara Foster were the only two actresses at the party so people went to them for a statement... See below! 

HAHA Guess it wasn't them... But WHO then... Even Chrissy Teigen is going crazy over this investigation!  Who do you think Chrissy is talking about?

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