Couple Reveals The Gender Of Their Baby With An Alligator

People are having more gender reveal parties for their unborn children and it's now getting way out of hand. For example...

Mike and Rebecca from Ponchatoula, Louisana decided they wanted to do something different for their baby's gender reveal party.  They didn't want to do the same old thing so they spiced it up with an alligator. This is how it worked... Mike placed a hollowed-out watermelon into the alligator's mouth. When the alligator bit down on the watermelon, blueberry Jell-O oozed from the gator's mouth indicating they were having a boy! Clever yes, stupid YES!  You can hear their other kids crying because they were scared for their dad's life.  Thankfully it all went OK!

Have you been to a gender reveal party? Was it over the top? 

Even Chrissy Teigen had to chime in on Twitter LOL see below!

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