San Francisco Hospital Brings Music Therapy To A New Level

Music is therapy for all of us but for these teens who suffer from serious illnesses and undergo surgeries, music is a life saver. 

Four teens at UCSF underwent bone marrow transplants and overcame their fears and sickness by creating music together.  17-year-old Clara Jackson created a song called 'Don't Stop Believing' and it helped her to do just that.

ABC7 explained "Clara and three other teens underwent bone marrow transplants. During their eight weeks of isolation, therapist Matt Logan used Journey's all-time hit to raise spirits. And through studio style recordings session, the teens became a group."

The music and forming the group helped to have these kids focus on something else besides their pain. Matt Logan, the music therapist at UCSF, has the ability to go to each patient's room with a full studio to record.  Now these kids have something to look forward to everyday, something to keep them busy and uplifted! I love this! 

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