Black Men Arrested At Starbucks Settle With Company For 200k Youth Program

You might remember the two men that were arrested at a Starbucks in Philly simply for sitting down and not ordering.  They were reportedly waiting for a third friend to join them for a business meeting.  To their credit, in response to the incident, Starbucks took several steps in the right direction including closing down all their stores for additional racial bias training and providing free tuition at Arizona State University to both of these young men.

In addition, they have each settled with the city of Philadelphia for $1 and the promise of a $200,000 city program for young entrepreneurs. 

Both men have said they want to use the incident to inspire change.

"It’s not just a black people thing. This is a people thing, And that’s exactly what we want to see out of this, and that’s true change. ... Put action into place."

Check out their interview on Good Morning America!

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