Marvel Introduces Their First Chinese Superheroes!

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Marvel just announced a partnership with NetEase comics, China's largest comic platform, and introduced the first Chinese heroes to the Marvel Universe.  Meet Aero, a woman who can control air, and Lin Lie, a boy with a very powerful sword.  With Chinese artists and writers, according to Marvel, these characters would be “based on Chinese culture and mythology but set in the modern world.”

These graphic novels are currently only available in Chinese but the partnership could mean even bigger and better things in the US for the Marvel Universe! 

Check it out.

Introducing Marvel's first Chinese superheroes! Created by a collaboration between Marvel Comics and NetEase, an online comics distributor big in China, this is not just an attempt to appeal to the massive Chinese fanbase but also, according to NetEase, they hope it will "promote the diversity of the Marvel universe". Aside from the characters and settings, some of the artists and writers are also Chinese, resulting in the manga-styoe effect, which I absolutely love. Warriors of Three Sovereigns stars Lin Lie, an 18-year-old boy who picks up an ancient sword to fight against Chiyou, an ancient villain who aims to destroy mankind. The second comic, Cyclone, stars a girl called Aero, AKA Lei Ling - an architect by day, a superhero who can control air currents by night. Whether or not these comics will ever cross-over with the rest of the Marvel universe is yet to be known, but I think it likely, especially when we consider one little hint that confirms it as part of the larger universe - a magazine cover featuring Iron Man in the third image. Stay nerdy! #staynerdy #nerdcentre #nerd #nerdy #nerdlife #geek #geeky #geeklife #mrfancybear #slapintheface #NotAnAdIJustLoveThis #marvel #superhero #superheroes #mcu #marvelcinematicuniverse #comic #comicbook #marvelcomics #netease #warriorsofthreesovereigns #cyclone

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