Our Pics From The Weekend!

posted by Marcus and Sandy -

Welcome back from the weekend! Here are our pics! Be sure to vote for your fav at the bottom.

Marcus just ate a BUNCH.  It's a full-on food gallery.

⏭Total fatty weekend 🔥Amazing chorizo, elote, queso fresco pizza from @chefmatthewdolan and @25lusk SO TASTY! Back at home a pre-schooler approved sweet potato “Shepherd’s Pie” plus a simple roasted chicken in honor of @anthonybourdain. Epic deliciousness. #cheflife #fatkidproblems

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Sandy did an epic bike ride from SF to Point Reyes, plus camping. Another amazing gallery!

You know when you’re on a bike and it’s really pretty and scenic, and all the sudden you get to a hill and you forget how pretty everything is because you hate life? Well yesterday we did that for 40 MILES. With 40mph HEAD WINDS!!!! I have never in my LIFE ridden in the kind of wind. Felt like Mother Nature was bitch slapping me in the face for 5 straight hours. Told myself, “I am NOT doing this again on Sunday.” (Birds couldn’t even fly- they were being knocked the other direction!) 🚴‍♀️ Thankfully, today wasn’t as bad, even though I was lazy and tired as HELL and wanted to sleep in and not ride. 75 miles later...it’s done. I’m tired, and sore, and surprised I even finished, we did almost 4K climbing. For a girl that hasn’t ridden in 2 months, that’s pretty fucking hard. 🚴‍♀️ Special thank you to the amazing staff at @sportsbasement Outdoor (Damon, Lauren, Peter, Jennifer, Glenn) for their kindness, delicious meals, and great instruction. Met some nice people on this ride too. Special thank you to Julie for being my riding buddy!! Also, my $33 “no assembly” pop-up tent from Amazon worked nicely until I had to fold it back up. NOBODY could do it. Not sure camping is for me.... #NotACamper #NotACyclist #IJustWantToEatAndSleep #HellaPrettyThough

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Producer Jenna straight up repped your World Champion Golden State Warriors!  #WarriorsGround

We did that! Where’s the broom emoji when you need it. Congrats @warriors! 2018 champs! Now the Bay finna turn the fux up!!! Yee! #Warriors #2018champs #NBAFinals #BayArea #Oakland #SanFrancisco

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