Marcus Shares His Pics From Pulse Nightclub In Orlando...

I went to Orlando in February of this year to visit my best friend.  We were cruising around the lake when he asked me: 

"Do you want to go see the memorial at Pulse?"

We drove another mile-and-a-half in silence to a non-descript nightclub on the corner and that's when I saw it.  Super colorful, lots of flowers, and very touching.  We got out of the car and walked around a bit.  I took note of the plaque with all the names and pictures of the victims, the flowers, the mural.  Then I saw something written on a parking bumper that touched me:

"Love More."

Perfect advice for the world we live in.  Please keep the victims and families in your thoughts today.  Let's work toward reform so nobody else has to lose their loved ones.  #HonorThemWithAction #LoveWins

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