The Bachelorette Front Runner Garrett's Wedding Video Revealed


The Bachelorette is in full swing with drama, drama and more drama! Becca has gotten a run for her money this season with the guys that are here. One guy thinks the world is flat, one guy admitted he loved her before his first date, and now most recently a guy admitted to having been married for 2 months before the show. It seems like that doesn't matter to Becca though as Garrett is seen as a true front runner this season. 

Bachelorette brackets accross the nation are showing Garrett in the top four. He is tall, handsome, and seems like a good match for Becca. The big indication that he's going far comes from the first night when the bachelorette Becca gave him the first impression rose. The past three bachelorette first impression roses have gone to the guy that proposes in the end. So it's safe to say that Becca, knowing this, made a strong indication of who she likes by giving Garrett the first rose of the season. 

Evidence that Garrett should be a major threat to the other contestants was extremely apparent in Monday night's episode where he got his first one on one date. After spending the day bobsledding in Utah, the two had a romantic dinner where they could talk and Garrett could open up about his past. Garrett soon revealed he had been married before saying he was dating this girl for awhile however the marriage only lasted about two months. This left Becca concerned that Garrett wouldn't want to get married at the end of this process. However, he assured her that enough time has passed and he is ready for this journey! 

After much research Garrett's wedding video has been re-surfaced on YouTube. Just in time for us to analyze it while the season continues.... 

This isn't the only thing that has come up in the media about Garrett from his past. Former Bachelor contestant, Ashley Spivey, revealed screenshots of posts Garrett liked on Instagram including a photos that discriminate against feminists and a post that denies the Parkland shooting ever happened. 

Despite his social media past coming out of the wood works, it still seems Becca is falling for him. This season is definitely filled with more drama than ever and we are excited to see what's to come!  

What do Ben Higgins and Ashley I have to say about all the drama? Find out in their Almost Famous podcast below! 



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