New Raiders Stadium To Feature A Jail And Courtroom!

If you're planning to head to Las Vegas to catch the Raiders play a game in their new home, make sure you act right.  The Las Vegas PD has made it very clear they will not tolerate unruly fans with the installation of an actual courtroom and jail in the new stadium(I actually thought this was a joke).  

From "SilverAndBlackPride.Com": 

"I imagine Raider Court will be a lot like the old TV show Night Court, with the Hon. Judge Philip Villapiano presiding, sentencing wayward 49ers fans to death and then laughing hysterically because that joke never gets old. Oakland Raiders 2020: All Rise."

Will you still get stadium food while in the tank? Are there slot machines in the new jail, just like everywhere else in Vegas? I have so many questions...

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