Goodwill Employee In California Finds $46,000 Cash In Donated Slow Cooker!

Jesse Diaz of San Diego was doing what he does on the daily: accepting donations at his job at Goodwill.  He was checking out a donated slow cooker, opened the lid, and found tens of thousands of dollars wrapped in foil inside.

“In the box there was tinfoil. I almost threw it in the trash,”

Realizing that the owner of the money probably really needed it, he took the time to track her down and return the money.

"There's a lot of people that depend on us.  It was the right thing to do."

The owner turned out to be a 79-year-old woman whose husband had just passed away.  Her daughter-in-law had taken several boxes of items to Goodwill not even realizing that the cash was there.

Turns out the owner and her husband had been saving for a trip to Japan and had ended up saving a lot more!  Read the full story here.

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