Starbucks Released Color-Changing Cups and the World Loves It!

With all the new drinks being released at Starbucks, there is also a new cup you're going to need to buy.

Starting today, these reusable cups that magically change colors when cold liquid is added is available in the U.S. and Canada.

The cup makes for an ombré masterpiece you won't be able to stop looking at. When you buy the reusable cup, you will also save 10 cents when ordering a cold Starbucks drink.

The eco-friendly cup hold up to 24 fluid ounces and come in a set that costs $16.95 and includes five cups, lids, and straws you can mix and match.

The five color options and how they transform when iced coffee (or whatever cold sip you prefer) is poured in:

  • Rose: light pink to coral red
  • Citron: yellow to emerald green
  • Sky: light blue to cobalt blue
  • Apricot: light orange to tangerine
  • Arctic: teal to raspberry pink

Snag the cups before they're gone!

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