Meet Pets From Hopalong Animal Rescue On Furry Fridays!

These pets along with a ton of other amazing pets at Hopalong Animal Rescue who deserve a great forever home!

Meet Krissa:

Krissa is sooo sweet! She’s a young Chihuahua mix with an old soul, and a couch potato extraordinaire!

She can be a bit shy at first but warms up quickly. She LOVES lying on the couch all day. She likes to get scratches and enjoys your affection, but she’s also happy to lie around quietly on her own. Other likes: lounging outside in the sun, burrowing under beds and blankets, and playing with toys during her 2-3 short bursts of energy each day.

Krissa is very well-adjusted: she’s house-trained and crate-trained, has lived happily with other dogs, and doesn’t even seem to have much separation anxiety. But she’d be happiest in a stand-alone home with a yard. She loves chasing squirrels and may give the occasional neighbor a warning bark, so condo/apartment life probably isn’t for her.

Meet Zulu:

Hi! I’m Zulu, I’m the most handsome boy you’ll ever meet. I’m really big, about 120lbs. I’m not sure what my past life was, but I was found tied up on a chain and animal control saved me. Then Hopalong took me into their foster program and I’m now currently being fostered by HAPPY HOUND DOGGIE DAYCARE in Oakland! They are SO amazing, they do so much for me! I’m currently in training as I came to foster with zero training. I’m looking for a very experienced home that can continue training me. I’m learning to be the best boy, but still struggle as I’m still a puppy! I have a lot of energy, and love to go on walks! ❤️

Hoping for a home with space, patience and experience with this breed. If you'd like to learn more, apply for me! We’ll connect you with Happy Hound and they’ll let you know everything there is to know about me!

Meet Slate:

Well hello there! My name is Slate! I’m a very handsome boy that is looking for a home! I am currently at Happy Hound Doggie Daycare having a BLAST! I get to go into playgroup every day and play with many dogs! it’s seriously the BEST! I’m not sure what my past life was, but I lived in a shelter for 10 months ☹ I was starting to go downhill with stress and Hopalong came in and took me away! Now I’m having so much fun and hoping to find the best home! I’m still young and learning manners! I can be a bit rough at times, I sometimes forget I am not a puppy and get play mouthy, but take corrections well if you tell me to stop! I love going on hikes, love meeting new people and dogs. Just need someone with patience that can continue training me to be the best boy! Happy Hound has taken me under their wing and I'm already learning so many things. I love them so much! Considering that I lived in a shelter for 9 months, I’m doing good! The shelter where I was at even did a DNA to see what I was! And guess what? I’m mostly a LAB! 60% lab 30% Shepherd and 10% pitbull. Yet, I look so unique! That’s why I’m so special! I am a high-energy dog that wants a super fun home! I do relax and chill too, just need someone experienced! Being that I still act like a puppy at times, I’m probably best in a home with no small children! Unknown how I am around cats, unfortunately! I hope you ask about me! I’d love a home with a yard, and someone that loves to go out and go on fun outdoor trips! In the meantime, I’m having a blast at Happy Hound!

Meet Gaia:

Gaia is a lovely cat with lots of personality and gorgeous blue eyes. She is very social, chirping around the house, and rubbing up on her human's legs. Gaia is learning how to play gently. She loves to be pet on her head and is learning to love pets on her back as she gets overstimulated. Gaia likes affection on her terms and with training, treats, and patience she could someday be a lap cat. She sleeps next to her foster mom at night and snuggles under her sweatshirt for naps by day. Gaia would do best in a house where she is the only cat and she can be the center of attention, no doggos and no kiddos, please. ❤️

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