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Cheetos Cookies Now Exist!

Okay this might be the weirdest food hybrid we've ever talked about!

Introducing the Cheetos Cookie!

Yup, you heard that right..Cheetos. Cookie.

This cookie is a sweet and salty snack created by Ross Canter, the co-owner and baker at Cookie Good in Santa Monica.

The idea came to Ross one night while dreaming up new flavors, when the idea of Cheetos popped into his head.

So the next day, he had a party-sized bag of Cheetos and a tub of cheddar cheese powder and got to work.

Ross creates these sweet and salty cookies by mixing cheddar powder and crushed Cheetos Puffs into a sugar-cookie base.

He then takes little balls of the bright orange dough and coats them in another layer of Cheetos dust. 

Even though this cookie combo might sound odd, the response on it has been great!

I guess we can't knock it until we try it!

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