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There Is Now Matte Black Lattes!

There is now a drink that is "darker than your soul" according to the drink creator Ockhyeon Byeon.

Meet the Matte Black Latte available at Round K in the Lower East Side of New York City!

Ockhyeon decided to make this drink because he was inspired by his customers, who like to order black coffee, though it isn’t actually black. 

The drink is unexpectedly sweet and is made with almond milk, espresso, 98 percent Dutch process cacao and a topping of coconut cream and marzipan.

It also contains coconut ash, which is an activated charcoal that is proven to whiten teeth. 

I guess this means we don't have to worry about coffee stained teeth anymore!

Ockhyeon says that customers love the drink and he wants to add it permanently to the menu.

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