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The Rooftop Cinema Club Is Returning To LA!

If you've ever wanted to watch movie on the rooftop, you're in luck because the Rooftop Cinema Club, is all about seeing a great movie while several stories in the air.

On the rooftop of The Montalban in Hollywood or Level Downtown Los Angeles, you're surrounded by glittery windows, nighttime lights and of course the beautiful city of LA all while watching one of your favorite movies!

The Rooftop Cinema Club schedule for April and May is now live and tickets are now on sale! 

Before purchasing your ticket, however, you'll probably want to know what you're purchasing it to see. 

So check it out: "I, Tonya" is the first film of the season at The Montalban, on April 4, while the opener at Level Downtown is "The Big Lebowski," on April 6, in honor of the classic caper's 20th anniversary.

Also coming up in April and May at The Montalban: "Back to the Future," "Taxi Driver," "Dirty Dancing," and others.

A screening of "On the Town," with Frank Sinatra," is also on the schedule, and guests are encouraged to wear nautical-themed outfits.

At the Level Downtown, they'll be showing classic movies like "Boyz in the Hood," "Silence of the Lambs," and "The Breakfast Club."

The Rooftop Cinema Club provide "noise-canceling headphones and "cozy blankets" to help fend off the A) clamor of the city and B) nighttime chill, respectively.

Get your prices, get your dates, then get your date and plan for your offbeat, movie-major evening out, high above the ground, but not as high as a plane, at one of the two Rooftop Cinema Club locations, starting in early April.

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