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Ticketmaster Hired Professional Scalpers So You Spend More On Tickets!

If you go to a lot of concerts or buy a lot of concert tickets then you know the struggle of all of those concert ticket fees!

I mean is it really necessary to have that many fees and what do all of them even mean?! 

Well in a new investigation by CBC News and the Toronto Star, they found out that Ticketmaster was hiring professional ticket scalpers to get more money from their customers!

In the report, they found out that Ticketmaster would hire these scalpers to buy up batches of tickets, then resell the tickets for higher prices on their premium ticket selling site, TradeDesk.

This benefits Ticketmaster because they would get extra fees on top of the ones charged during the original ticket sale.

CBC and Toronto Star journalists went undercover and were told that there were brokers with ‘hundreds of accounts’ on TradeDesk.

You may be thinking how is this possible when Ticketmaster has a ‘buyer abuse’ division that monitors suspicious online purchasing activity?

Well they are able to get away with this because Ticketmaster doesn’t “look or report” sells on TradeDesk.

Ticketmaster has responded to this investigation by saying that the reports are "categorically untrue."

What do you think about this?

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