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YouTube Star MrBeast Ordered 2 Waters And Left A $10,000 Tip!

Imagine being a waiter, your customers order 2 waters, and then they tip you $10,000 for it!

Well that's exactly what happened to this waitress in North Carolina.

She said that a man wandered in to the restaurant she worked at and he asked for two waters while looking at the menu.

He ended up leaving before ordering and left behind a $10,000 tip along with a note that said "Thanks for the delicious water."

She said, "I picked it up and it was a giant stack of hundreds. I was shaking. ... I thought someone was playing a joke on me."

The very generous tipper ended up being popular YouTube star MrBeast who is well known for doing this type of thing.

You can check out the video from MrBeast below of him ordering water and then tipping $10,000:

That is so generous of MrBeast!

What do you think about this?

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