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Yard House Now Serves A Color Changing Margarita!

If you're tired of your normal basic margarita and have been looking up to spice up your drink choice than you should check out Yard House's new margarita.

Yard House just revealed their brand Magic Margarita at 75 locations across the U.S. and this margarita is far from normal hence the name "magic."

This Magic Margarita is color changing so it's not only tasty, but also Instagram worthy.

This color changing margarita is created with Don Julio Blanco tequila that's infused with butterfly pea flower that bitters overnight to create the perfect flavor.

The butterfly pea flowers then turn the tequila to a sapphire blue color.

We didn't even get to the best part yet, once it's ready to serve over ice it will come with a sidecar of Citrus Agave.

The Citrus Agave will create an acidic reaction changing the color of the drink to a purple color.

This is the kind of magic trick we're into!

Are you going to try this?

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