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This Guy Lost A Bet So He Went To The Dog Park Covered In Peanut Butter!

You know what they say...a bet is a bet especially when it comes to making a bet with your friends.

Blake Powers and his friends take their fantasy football leagues very seriously so the upped the stakes this year.

Whoever came in last had to face a punishment either pay the winner $250 or go to the dog park wearing a speedo and be covered in peanut butter head to toe.

Unfortunately for Blake, he came in last place and decided to choose the dog park consequence.

Of course, like the true friends Blake has they recorded the entire thing.

As soon as he entered the dog park, the dogs ran to him very curious.

He said as soon as the dog owners saw him, they were just in shock.

However,once he told them the reason they thought it was hilarious.

Would you choose to pay $250 or go to the dog park covered in peanut butter?

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