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Woman Accidentally Turned Herself Into A Potato During MS Teams Meeting

These days, if you're working from home, you know those video conference calls are a part of business now. With technology adding so many fun things for us, especially during these times, we tend to forget to toggle those switches off. 

Case and point, this lady, who forgot to turn off her fun filter app, before jumping on a 'happy hour' video call with coworkers. Lucky for her, her coworkers took a screenshot, so she could have the memory. Ok, I'm pretty sure it's more to embarrass her, as they posted it to Twitter, and the comments and creative meme's began.

I do a regular video call with my boss, as well as a group video call with my coworkers at the Dodgers. See if you can find me in the pic. For the next one, I may have to intentionally do what this girl did, you know, for my own entertainment.

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