Furry Fridays

Furry Fridays

Adoptable pets visit the Star 101.3 studio in San Francisco every week on Furry Fridays


Meet The Pets From Marin Humane On This Week's Furry Fridays!

These pets are available to adopt at Marin Humane, along with a ton of other amazing pets who deserve a great forever home!

Get to know Dino:

Dino has had a complicated and stressful first couple of years. He was passed around between at least three homes before his last home surrendered him to us. We believe he was loved and his families did the best they could for him. It's simply that they think there is a better home for him out there. Dino is a pretty picky eater and so is a bit underweight, his new family will want to build up his muscles and help him gain some weight. We don't think it will be too hard since he loves to leap around like a gazelle. We also jokingly call him "parkour dog" since he hilariously jumps over, and bounces, off of random objects while out in the play yards. Dino was friendly with much of our staff after a couple of days. He is pretty stressed and shy and needs time to warm up to new people. If you come in to meet Dino and he doesn't instantly bond with you--that's normal. We bet if you come back a second time he'll run over to you for snuggles. Dino also seems to like other dogs and he needs a bit of work on manners. Like many dogs Dino is not great with barriers like fences and leashes, so you'll need to teach him how to stay calm and under control when he sees a dog on leash. He's not crazy or anything, just a bit frustrated about not being able to do what he want - kind of like a toddler - which is pretty normal for a dog his age. Like most Huskies we think Dino will be super affectionate with his family and will likely enjoy having some doggie friends.

Get to know Elektra:

If Elektra was a dessert, she'd be a funfetti cake with unicorn frosting. Her #1 goal is to have a good time, all the time. Elektra prefers her toys large and squishy, so she can parade around with them in her mouth. She's also a soccer superstar, with a Jolly Ball. Elektra isn't just looking for a family--she's looking for a best friend. Her ideal life partner would be someone who loves the outdoors as much as she does. Whether that's hiking, sunbathing, playing with other dogs, or self-entertaining with some toys and in the yard.

Elektra is a favorite among our volunteers and they love taking her for excursions outside the shelter. Here's what they have to say about their time with Elektra: "After getting plenty of exercise, Elektra is very easygoing, calm, confident, and well-behaved at coffee shops, shopping centers, and pet food stores. She's so friendly and greets everyone she meets with tail wags and soft eyes.

Elektra knows how to relax and will sit quietly, watching the world go by. She's friendly with respectful dogs and plays well with dogs her size. Plus she enjoys car rides! Elektra is affectionate with us, asking for belly rubs and offering kisses in return."

Get to know Grant:

Need an active feline playmate? Grant is so full of energy and he is crazy for playtime! His high leaps into the air are spectacular as he chases the mouse wand toy around the room. Grant will wind down a notch after some serious play and enjoy some cheek and chin rubs--then he is off again after that mouse! No couch potato people need to apply for Grant--he is only for the most active and fit amongst us!

If not all tired out--Grant might let you know he wants more play with a soft nip. We do not want to encourage any nipping by this young guy--so don't reward him by giving in to his demands--just leave the room. Come back a little later and resume playtime to get more of his energy out. This will teach him nipping means no attention and no playtime!

Grant does have his moments of complete chill....he loves laps, drools and purrs up a storm!

Get to know Blueberry:

Beautiful Blueberry has a lot of personality. She likes attention on her own terms, but she's the type of rabbit that will love to just hang out near you. And these days who wouldn't want some quiet, calm company? For the most part she is really mellow but also gets bursts of energy to do some bunny zoomies and binkies, so cute! You may even get kisses once she's settled in and trusts you.

Blueberry's been in a foster home for several months while waiting to be adopted. She settled in there quickly and here's what her foster mom tells us about her:

"Blueberry really likes it when I get on the floor to hang out with her. Having a few veggies to entice her over doesn't hurt either. She enjoys toys and needs a variety of chewing items like those that are made of willow, cardboard boxes and any other that are rabbit safe. She has been fine with my cats and plays a chasing game with one of them."

Give Blueberry ample space to exercise and a bit of time to get used to her new family, and you will be rewarded with a gentle companion for many years to come.

Tune into Marcus & Sandy every Friday to meet another animal that could be your family's next pet.

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Star 101.3 Presents: Furry Fridays!

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