Jessica Simpson under fire after sharing pictures of daughter

In the pic, 5 year-old Maxwell is posing on a scooter while wearing a bikini.

Here are a sampling of some of the comments:

  • “That is way too much skin for a kid. Also, why is she in a bikini riding a scooter?”
  • “Sorry to be harsh and just my opinion but why do parents let their little girls wear tiny bikinis. For the person saying it’s just for fun? Really it looks so inappropriate! Just cuz something is on a rack you don’t buy it."
  • “Sorry, but she is too young to be posing like that. She has all the time in the world to be a grown up.”
  • “Would never let my young daughter act like that, but I guess her mother acts the same way so not her fault.”
  • “She’s cute but this pic isn’t for public consumption. Just share it with family and close friends. Why give perverts sick ideas about your precious child?”

As of the posting of this article, apparently none of the comments have inspired Jessica to take the pictures down.