Meet the San Jose girl on the journey to become an international pop star

"I'm coming out of nowhere... I'm driving fast tonight." Those are the first lyrics we hear ANJA KOTAR sing on her debut album, "Nomad." It seems those lyrics pretty well sum up Anja's foray into the music biz.

In 2012, her family moved from Slovenia to San Jose. She attended the Conservatory of the Arts at San Jose's Valley Christian Schools and while performing at local jazz festivals and in community theater productions.

Now a couple years out of high school, Anja funded her debut album with a $20,000 Kickstarter campaign and released it last month, a couple of days before her 20th birthday.

It has 10 tracks, including the first single "How To Be Cool:"

Personally, I love the video because it flashes me back to my own childhood in San Jose. Those foothills have a distinct look to them!

I look forward to seeing where Anja's journey takes her! 

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