Kim Kardashian faces criticism after posting picture of son

As a relatively new dad I have spent A TON of time reading through owners manuals and instruction booklets in a quest to risk as little injury to my little guy, Jackson.

Back in March, we reached a bit of a milestone... When he turned 2, we were finally able to flip his carseat around so he could face forward while riding along in the backseat (at this point, it's safe to say he would be 100% unwilling to revert back to the rear-facing option!).

That said, I do understand the controversy Kim K. managed to stir up after posting a picture of her son, Saint, in a forward-facing seat. Saint is just 18 months old, and while it might seem a bit ridiculous to fuss over 6 months you have to remember that at such a young age, 6 months literally accounts for 1/3 of his life.

Being a California resident, Kim should probably give CHP's guidelines a look (she can also click the "local Area Office" link to find the location nearest her to have a friendly officer check her seats!).

That's a good idea for all parents, actually, especially considering this tidbit from HuffPost:

Celebrities are not the only ones who’ve dealt with this issue. Studies have shown that as many as 95 percent of families install their newborns’ car seats incorrectly and almost 75 percent of parents face their children’s car seats the wrong way.