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SURPRISINGLY POPULAR: Stores having a hard time keeping CANNED WINE stocked

At less than $1/can, it's hard to argue with the price!

Trader Joe's has been selling four-packs of Simpler Wines for $3.99, and apparently they have been flying off store shelves.

Business Insider outlines the struggle to get the stuff in NYC:

We called the Trader Joe's Wine Shop in New York City to find out if we could reserve a 4-pack, but the latest shipment was already sold out. The store is getting about 10 cases delivered on most days — five of the white and five of the rosé — and each case contains 12 of the 4-packs.

I haven't personally tried it yet, but may just have to give it a go over the upcoming holiday weekend... That is, if I can find any at a TJ's on this side of the country. :)