You can now travel between SF and LA in your own "overnight sleeping pod"

Want to let someone else do the driving? A company called CABIN is now offering rides on a glam-bus, of sorts.

From SF Gate:

There’s a shared bathroom and a “communal lounge” on board, along with a full-time attendant. Customers are allowed two pieces of luggage, and are provided with nighttime tea, morning coffee, free Wi-Fi and ear plugs. Cabins are equipped with clean bedding, a reading light and an electrical outlet.

More on the details from Travel Skills:

Cabin’s sole route is still Los Angeles-San Francisco, with an 11 p.m. departure and a 7 a.m. arrival, although it promises that “additional expansion (is) on the horizon.” One-way SF-LA fares start at $115.

At $115 each way, I'd probably just opt to fly (got a Southwest flight recently for $59 between Burbank/Oakland, just sayin'!)... But hey, if you love the thought of cozy accommodations on a bus for the journey, HAVE FUN!