Bay Area nabs 3 of USA's top 5 "hottest neighborhoods" for end of 2017

We all know how hot the Bay Area real estate market is. New data from Redfin reveals just how hot it is:

Redfin’s Hottest Neighborhoods is a prediction based on the most recent growth we’ve seen in home-listing page views and favorites on We checked in with local Redfin agents to see what has been driving these trends and what makes these areas desirable.

In case you're not familiar with the Bay Area neighborhoods listed, let's run them down...

According to, Golden Gate Heights "is the relatively small area north of Forest Hill west of Forest Knoll, largely defined by Larsen Peak at the south and Grandview Park at the north."

A look at the map on reveals San Jose's Bucknall neighborhood is in the southwest corner of the city. Bucknall Road runs the width of it, bordered by South San Tomas Aquino Road on the east and Quito Road on the west.

Finally, Wikipedia describes Glenview as a neighborhood "in the Oakland foothills, bordering Dimond Park on the eastern side of the district, Park Boulevard on the southwestern side. The northwestern portion crosses Park Boulevard and is bordered by Piedmont at Trestle Glen."

Know someone who lives in one of those neighborhoods now? Might be a good time to consider selling!