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REVEALED: The "How-To's" people search most for

Some fresh data is in from the world's biggest search engine, and it reveals a ton about what - well - people are searching for all across the world (go figure!).

We'll focus our attention on the US, but you can click through search trends around the world HERE.

Data is sorted into lots of different categories. Here are some of the standouts across categories:

  • HOW TO FIX A TOILET (around the house)
  • HOW TO MAKE PANCAKES (cooking)
  • HOW TO KISS (love)
  • HOW TO MAKE MONEY (coming of age)
  • HOW TO TIE A TIE (fashion)
  • HOW TO LOSE WEIGHT (health)

If nothing else, perhaps seeing what others post will help us all feel a bit less embarassed next time we have to ask Google how to do something. You can search through all the data at