14 Bay Area grocery stores where you can access new DMV self-serve kiosks

Because really, who wants to take an extra trip to the DMV?!

California's Department of Motor Vehicles have been rolling out these nifty self-serve kiosks over the past few weeks.

According to DMV's official release

The popular self-service terminal is designed for customers who need their vehicle registration card and license plate tag immediately. To complete a transaction, customers will need their vehicle registration renewal notice or their most recent vehicle registration card. The touch screen machine offers instructions in English and Spanish and accepts credit and debit cards.

The kiosk can also be used by customers who have decided not to drive their vehicle and want to file for planned non-operation status.

Here's where you can find them:

  • Alameda, 2227 South Shore Center (SAFEWAY)
  • Cupertino, 20620 Homestead Road (SAFEWAY)
  • El Cerrito, 11450 San Pablo Avenue (SAFEWAY)
  • Emeryville, 3889 San Pablo Avenue (PAK 'N SAVE)
  • Fremont, 39100 Argonaut Way (SAFEWAY)
  • Hayward, 22280 Foothill Boulevard (SAFEWAY)
  • Menlo Park, 525 El Camino Real (SAFEWAY)
  • Redwood City, 1071 El Camino (SAFEWAY)
  • San Francisco, 2300 16th Street (SAFEWAY)
  • San Leandro, 555 Floresta Boulevard (PAK 'N SAVE)
  • San Jose, 1300 West San Carlos (SAFEWAY)
  • San Jose, 179 Branham Lane (SAFEWAY)
  • San Jose, 2980 East Capitol Expressway (SAFEWAY)
  • South San Francisco, 2255 Gellert Boulevard (PAK 'N SAVE)