Stephen Curry explains why he's NOT happy with new magazine cover

There has been a lot of talk about 'Sports Illustrated' magazine's latest cover, but the man who is featured in it front-and-center is not a fan of it.

Stephen Curry told a group of reporters today in Oakland he believes Colin Kaepernick should have been featured in the image:

That was terrible. That's just capitalizing on the hoopla and the media and all that nonsense. The real people that understand what's going on and who's really been active and vocal and truly making a difference. If you don't have Kaepernick front and center on that, then something's wrong. It's kind of hard to see how certain narratives take place, being prisoners of the moment. I was kinda joking around yesterday when I saw that on a certain Instagram handle, but at the end of the day, that stuff really  doesn't matter. It's about the true message and highlighting the people that are doing the right things.