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New tool shows you how risky your Bay Area commute is

If avoiding a serious accident is important to you, you may want to check out ZenDrive.

The company has rolled out a new commute tool along with a corresponding report outlining the riskiest and safest routes of travel through the region.

Surprisingly all segments of Interstate 280 were highlighted as the "riskiest routes," despite the fact that a much higher volume of traffic travels to the east of 280 on 101.

Here are some other study findings, as outlined by The Mercury News:

  • Driving during peak commute times is actually safer than driving during the lunch-hour lull.
  • The Golden Gate is the safest bridge to cross during the morning rush, while the San Mateo Bridge is the worst.
  • And, the safest highway to drive in the morning is Interstate 580 heading west to San Francisco.