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If this bill passes into California law, SO MANY PEOPLE WILL BE HAPPY!

Think about how often this would impact your life...

How many times a week do you pull out your driver's license for something? Maybe you're getting carded for a drink at the bar (because you look so young, obviously)... Perhaps you're hopping on a flight and passing through the TSA checkpoint... Maybe - dun, dun, dun - you're getting pulled over.

A drivers license is such an essential for so many people, yet the vast majority of folks I've talked with HATE their photo.

Well, a new bill was introduced into the California legislature recently that - if it goes through the long process of getting passed - would let you CHOOSE YOUR DRIVERS LICENSE PHOTO!

Yes, it would cost a bit more. A Mercury News report explains:

Here’s how it would work: for each new photo you take, you pay an additional fee. The money raised would go into a Driver Education and Training Fund, which the senator says is badly needed since most public schools got rid of their driver’s ed classes after the Great Recession.

Like the idea? Then FIND YOUR STATE SENATOR and tell them you support SB 1407 (yes, they should know what you're talking about).