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Costco tips that will school even the most seasoned shoppers

If you're looking to save as much as possible, the folks at Reader's Digest compiled a helpful guide recently.

Here's a rundown of what I considered to be the top 5 stand-out tips:

  1. The "treasure hunt" is Costco's way of moving their stock around constantly, always getting people to search for the products they're looking for and - in turn - notcing (and buying) other items.
  2. Most items will go on sale eventually, so it’s worth holding off if you can be patient.
  3. If you notice a item you bought had a price cut within 30 days of purchase, put in a request online to get the difference refunded (some warehouses also offer the same perk, just ask!)
  4. An asterisk in the upper right corner of a price tag signals the location isn’t reordering the item.
  5. Prices ending with 7 as the last digit ($XX.97,$XX.87, $XX.77, etc) signufy a particularly good deal - it means they are on clearance.