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Salinas bank robber nabbed after counting the money he stole in public

Another story from the "You Can't Make This Stuff Up" file.

Here's a rough timeline of what happened Monday, summarized from a Sacramento Bee report:

3:50PM - Police respond to Wells Fargo Bank after report of a robbery. The suspect was last seen running north.

Some time later, a man matching the robber's description offered to pay $100 to use the restroom at MOD Pizza, approximately 1.7 miles from the Wells Fargo.

The man paid for two pizzas and a drink with a $100 bill, but eventually decided he'd rather have a sandwich.

Following a half-mile walk to Ike's, the man ordered a sandwich. He then proceeded to count a large amount of cash on the table, while there just happened to be an off-duty police officer nearby.

6:00PM - Several officers responded to detain the suspect, identified as 47 year-old Marcus Trujillo.

Mr. Trujillo is currently staying at the Monterey County Jail, where one assumes.

I bet he wishes he would have at least finished that sandwich.