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Big changes could be coming to TSA's baggage screening procedure

Hate standing in that screening line before your flight? You might be in luck! Sort of.

Here's the rundown from CNN:

Internal documents from a TSA working group say the proposal to cut screening at small and some medium-sized airports serving aircraft with 60 seats or fewer could bring a "small (non-zero) undesirable increase in risk related to additional adversary opportunity."

The internal documents from June and July suggest the move could save $115 million annually, money that could be used to bolster security at larger airports.

According to the proposal, passengers and luggage arriving from these smaller airports would be screened when they arrive at major airports for connecting flights instead of the current practice of joining the already screened population at the larger airport. The high-volume airports have greater capacities and more advanced security measures than smaller locations, the documents say.

So... Would you rather have your bags screens after you get off your initial flight?

For the record... I'm not aware of any Bay Area airports that would be affected by the changes in this proposal. Definitely not SFO, San Jose or Oakland.

But hey, the more you know... Right?