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Much buzzed-about store is coming to the Bay Area

The first location opened September 27 in New York City, and now Amazon is gearing up to open one of its 4-Star brick-and-morter stores in Berkeley.

As Berkeleyside reports, "Signage went up this week for an Amazon 4-star store at 1785 Fourth St., the site that formerly held a Crate & Barrel outlet."

As the name suggests, items sold in the store will have an Amazon rating of at least (or near) 4 stars. A Buzzfeed review of the NYC location summed up what's available like this:

The selection of four-star–rated gadgets and trinkets is vast and dizzying. You can find everything from a 4.4-star–rated Amazon Basics power strip to a 4.4-star–rated baking soda container for a fridge called “Chilly-mama” to a 4.5-star–rated herb mincer fit to use in one hand, to a 3.8-star–rated cheese grater in the shape of an armadillo.

Here's a look of the inside of the New York store: