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Here's the no-cost Halloween costume our 3 year-old came up with

Who says you have to spend big to have an awesome costume?

Not Jackson!

We have been talking about Halloween for a few months now in our house. He totally understands the concept - you get to dress up and pretend; two of his favorite activities any day!

Leading up to Halloween, he has come up with LOTS of possible options... Ryder from "Paw Patrol," a baseball player for the Athletics, a zombie-ninja (I actually would have liked to see that one!).

My wife, Jenni, and I also threw some options out there - our favorite being one of Willy Wonka's Oompa Loompas (you should hear him sing their song!).

In the end, though, he came up with his own original creation:

I love what my friend, Anne, said in the comments:

It's the best costume EVER, especially because it's his creation. Dream, Jackson DREAM!

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