Bay Area news station suggests hack to make masks fit children

However, not everyone thinks this is a good idea.

Here's the video posted by ABC 7:

Criticism of the strategy quickly started coming in, though.

Reddit user ericchen said:

Don't do this. This is beyond stupid. The N95 masks require a good seal to work and cutting a giant slit in the mask is the exact opposite of that. Duct tape is not air tight and adheres poorly to the woven texture of the mask.

3M makes smaller sizes (8110s) for smaller people. Keep your infants and children indoors. Unless if it's some kind of medical emergency where you need to bring them to a hospital/doctors, there is no reason for them to go outside in this air.

Perhaps in a worst case scenario this is better than nothing, but it does seem reasonable that buying masks intended for smaller people is better than using scissors and duct tape in a hack-job.