ICYMI: Our first look at 2019’s “The Lion King” remake

One of the most talked about videos over Thanksgiving weekend – but still one many people missed because they were less “connected” than usual to social and traditional media – was the first look at Disney’s new “photorealistic computer-animated remake” of 1994’s The Lion King, set to open in theaters in July 19, 2019:

Here’s a look (via IMDB) of who will be providing the voice for each character:

  • MUFASA: James Earl Jones
  • SCAR: Chiwetel Ejiofor
  • TIMON: Billy Eichner
  • SIMBA: Donald Glover
  • RAFIKI: John Kani
  • PUMBAA: Seth Rogan
  • SARABI: Alfre Woodard
  • KAMARI: Keegan-Michael Key
  • ZAZU: John Oliver
  • SHENZI: Florence Kasumba
  • NALA: Beyonce
  • AZIZI: Eric Andre
  • YOUNG NALA: Shahadi Wright Joseph

Anyone who remembers seeing the original when it hit theaters 25 years ago will appreciate this: