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Adam Levine dishes on turning 40

There are definitely some grays in that stubble!


The big 4-0 is less than four months away for Maroon 5's frontman (his birthday is March 18).

Here's what Adam said to Variety about hitting the upcoming milestone:

“Bring it! I mean, I don’t know what the f–k else do I want? I’ve got a beautiful family, a beautiful wife, two beautiful babies, and I’ve got money in the bank, and I’m really happy with my career and my output and the person that I’ve become and the person that I hopefully will stay. S–t, it’s too daunting to imagine anything else. I feel like I’ve already achieved anything beyond my wildest dreams. Age is funny. When someone’s 26 and they talk shit, you’re like, “F–k you. You don’t know anything. You’re gonna be my age and will hate the person you were when you said these things…look, I did as well as I could with my young male brain. I didn’t get arrested. I didn’t go to prison. To me, 40 seemed like old age when I was 26. Hell, 26 seemed old when I was 23, so it’s all relative.”

Soundss like a healthy outlook to me!