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Actor calls out Kanye for bad behavior, Kanye responds

Kim and Kanye took in a show on Broadway last night, but apparently 'Ye was a bit preoccupied with his handheld device.

Here's what Jarrod Spector, who plays Sonny Bono in The Cher Show tweeted to Kanye during the performance:

Anyone who has been to a theater performance over the past, oh, couple of decades or so knows how many times they ask people to turn off and put away their phones before the show begins. 

Especially in a dark theater, the glow of a screen can be easy to spot and quite distracting for the actors on stage.

A couple of hours after Jarrod's original tweet, Kanye responded with an apology:

The show must go on!

Here's a look at The Cher Show, which originally opened in Chicago earlier this year: