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Imagine Dragons' Dan Reynolds dishes on his Thor-like physique

Don't forget... these guys are playing Treasure Island next week! It may be the perfect time to check out lead singer Dan Reynolds' physique for yourself (that is, assuming he's still willing to go shirtless on the cold, windy and potentially rainy Treasure Island stage).

When the band first popped up on our radar circa 2012, Dan Reynolds was fit... but I wouldn't say he was RIPPED:

GETTY IMAGES: Imagine Dragons perform at Billabong's 6th Annual Design For Humanity Event benefitting the Chipotle Cultivate Foundation at Paramount Studios on July 25, 2012 in Hollywood, California.

Seven years later, however, Dan Reynolds is so in-shape that Men's Health magazine just did a feature on him. 

In it, he talks about what inspired him to bulk up:

"It’s a statement. It embraces the spirit of rock ’n’ roll."

He also shares one of his workouts - "The Thunder-and-Lightning Finisher."

I wonder if he listens to his own music when he works out?