Our first look as Will Smith as the BLUE genie

So we first saw images from Disney's upcoming live-action film, Aladdin , back in December. And fans were not happy with how Will Smith looked in costume as the genie. First off... he wasn't blue.

Smith reassured fans that he would be blue thanks to CGI... and the images were from when his character is in disguise as a human.

Now we have a new "special look" trailer released Sunday night during the Grammys. And we finally get to see Smith as the ALL BLUE genie.

The genie's look is once again getting mixed reviews... some fans are not loving his stretched forehead, pointy ears and super muscular bod... not to mention people were mad that Aladdin didn't go shirtless like in the cartoon version, but the Genie is. Others are excited to see Smith's quick wit bring the hilarious genie to life.

Smith captioned the trailer he posted on his Instagram page with, " I told y’all I was gon’ be Blue!! Y’all need to trust me more often! #aladdin ."

What do you think!?

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