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In case you didn't know... there's a HELLY KITTY ISLAND!

If you're a big fan of Hello Kitty then you've probably already been to the Hello Kitty Cafe, but there's one place that needs to be added to your bucket list ASAP!

Did you know that there's an actual place called Hello Kitty Island?

It's basically the island of your dreams located in Jeju Island in South Korea.

Anything you can possibly think of that's Hello Kitty related, this island has it including their very own special Hello Kitty cafe!

There's even a giant claw machine filled with tons of Hello Kitty stuffed animals.

As if that wasn't enough to grab your attention, it's a THREE STORY museum complete with the world's largest Hello Kitty character gallery.

The gallery shows the history of Hello Kitty including the full on evolution of your favorite cat.

From there you'll go to the library, music hall, rooftop garden, and so much more!

Let's not forget that the grand finale of your trip to Hello Kitty Island is a trip to the gift shop.

The best part is that it only costs $10.50 to visit Hello Kitty Island!

BRB adding this to our bucket list now!

You can check out the full tour video of Hello Kitty Island below!

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