Changes for the Burning Man ticket process

They're aiming to be more "inclusive," but tickets are still pretty expensive...

Entrance fees in 2019 will be $425 + taxes and fees. Car passes are $100.

So what efforts are underway to promote inclusivity? Here's what it says in a Mercury News report:

Beyond publicly disinviting certain camps, and warning others, the Weekly reports that Goodell’s team has initiated these new rules: 10 percent more tickets allocated to Directed Group Sales, which encourages collaborative groups; Having Directed Group Sales buy tickets before pre-sale; Setting aside 4,500 tickets for $210 each through its low-income program, which constitutes an 18-percent increase from last year; and reducing high-priced tickets by 30 percent and limiting them to two per-person instead of four.

They're apparently doing away with $1,200 "limiteds sales" tickets that go on sale in July and will no longer allow gated-off areas of exclusivity within the festival.

Curious to see how much of an impact that has on the overall vibe.

Prepare to see lots of sand-covered cars making their way back to the Bay at the end of summer!

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