It is shaping up to be a BRUTAL Bay Area allergy season

Suffering? You're not alone!!

According to experts, there are a variety of factors contributing to the allergy misery this year.

"This season has definitely been bad," San Francisco allergist Opal Gupta told SF Gate. "People are coming in saying they never had allergies before, or that they only had mild symptoms, and no medication is working."

The amount of rain experienced early in the year is leading Bay Area plant-life to be more active than usual. Additionally, research published last month by The Lancet Planetary Health suggests climate change may be contributing to the severity of allergic reactions around the globe.

My wife, Jenni, has been having a hell of a time the past couple of weeks. I should preemptively apologize for using this picture of her, but I think it demonstrates an accurate level of "over it" when it comes to allergies:

Love you, Jenni!

If you suffer from allergies, HUNKER DOWN!!!

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