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Incredibly awkward realtor vs. realtor showdown happened over the weekend

Imagine this happening in your driveway! Because it did in mine.

We moved into our house in 2016, and each year we've been impressed by the neighborhood yard sale that happens on the first weekend in May. It's organized by a local realtor and dozens of houses in our neighborhood haul junk stuff out of the garage to make a few extra bucks.

We decided to participate this year, BUT didn't realize there were actually two realtors with competing events on the same weekend. I signed up for one, and my wife inadvertently signed up for the other when the second realtor called her to ask if we were going to take part. End result: we ended up on BOTH realtor's maps (which wasn't a bad thing as far as we were concerned)!

Both realtors dropped off signs the night before, which we gladly put at the end of our driveway to advertise that we were one of the houses competing. It wasn't until one realtor stopped by with snacks as we were setting up around 7:20a that we realized there was some realtor beef to deal with.

"Oh, I see you have signs for those other guys too," she said.

"Yeah, we kinda figured you guys were working together," I replied.

"Oh, no... This is really my neighborhood. I hope I'm your favorite!" and then she walked up our neighbor's driveway to talk with him (who was also participating in the neighborhood sale).

At 7:23a - you guessed it - the other realtor pulled up with snacks!

She didn't realize Realtor A had been there, and gave us her side of the story. She claimed to have been doing it for 29 years, and said the 'new' realtor stole her idea and started hijacking her weekend about 5 years ago. My wife and I are looking at each other wide-eyed as we realize the first realtor is coming back down our neighbor's driveway and... sure enough - the realtors spot each other.

What was said as they pulled each other to the side? We'll never know.

But it was an incredibly awkward, yet entirely entertaining, start to a morning full of yard sale fun.

Can't wait to sign up with both realtors again next year! ;)


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