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UNO just posted a rule that may ruin your entire strategy

When it comes to family game night, the one game that will always end up in an argument is UNO.

There's always that one family member aka us who will put down a DRAW 2 and DRAW 4 so that the other person picks up 6 cards.

Well UNO is laying down the law because apparently that rule is illegal!

UNO put out a statement saying that you can't stack DRAW 2 and DRAW 4 cards.

They said, if someone puts down a DRAW 4 card, you must pick up 4 cards and then your turn is over.

You can't put down a DRAW 2 on top of that to make the person pickup 5 cards.

A lot of people didn't agree with this statement and ended up arguing with the UNO Twitter account.

One Twitter user said, "I love how folks were arguing with UNO about how to play UNO. A game they created."

This changes everything!

What do you think about this?!

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